Increased air filtration

Toshiba Air Conditioning Sales has announced that its latest high wall indoor units will use an integral six-stage air filtration process that includes the use of Sasa, Zeolite and Vitamin C based products.

Toshiba variable speed and fixed speed high wall units can be used as part of Single split systems or in Multi-split applications. Research in Japan shows that the new filtration technology will give these products exceptional anti-virus, deodorising and anti-oxidant characteristics.

The new filter uses a combination of Sasa, a bamboo extract to deactivate bacteria and viruses, Zeolite (TiO2), which traps particles and removes chemical pollutants, and impregnation with Vitamin C to act as an anti-oxidant. This filter is washable and regenerates its properties after drying in sunlight.

The six-stage process begins with a pre-filter that traps large particles and dust. Further trapping takes place at the next stage to ensure that airborne viruses and bacteria are held for elimination. The filter used combines a bio-enzyme and Gingko extract, which has anti-bacterial and anti-allergy properties. It has a life of two years and can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner and exposure to sunlight.

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