In-row cooling solution

Airedale International Air Conditioning has launched the InRak high performance, in-row cooling solution. Configured as DX (R410A) or chilled water, the InRak is designed to sit between industry standard server racks where it precisely cools and conditions air in close proximity to the servers.

Innovative air flow management within the InRak transmits cooled air sideways across the front of the racks, taking the shortest, direct route to distributing cool air to where it is needed. Air is dispersed evenly along the aisle and any mixing of cold and rejected hot air is minimised, reducing the need for very low supply air temperatures particularly when the InRak is integrated with aisle containment.

The InRak is engineered with very low air flow resistance and can accommodate the latest EC centrifugal fans which offer up to 70% more efficiency at part load, enabling the InRak to offer an EER of 39 and 56% annual power saving, compared with a conventional precision air conditioning unit.

Optional inverter driven 20 – 120Hz compressors allow fully modulated 25 – 100% cooling, enabling exact capacity match for significant power savings.

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