Impulse fan options

A new breed of impulse fans has recently been introduced by PSB into the UK market for car park ventilation. The new centrifugal type impulse fan provides some benefits for car parks, particularly those with limited height. However, there are, of course, pitfalls in their application that await the unwary.
Consulting Engineers, Architects and Regulators alike can be forgiven for being confused by the options now being promoted for use in Impulse Ventilation Systems for the ventilation of basement and enclosed car parks. Since the launch of impulse ventilation into the United Kingdom in 2000 by PSB-UK Limited, this type of system has caught the imagination of the industry and now impulse ventilation is used in over 90% of car parks that require mechanical ventilation.

During the last three years, PSB has developed many new products and system design techniques to improve safety, aid building design and reduce energy consumption. The new products include the Vortax impulse fans and the Pulsar range of induction fans, collectively; these fans are commonly referred to as Jet Fans.

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