Improvements at Ash Safety with Humidity Solutions’ Dehumidifiers

Humidity Solutions Ltd recently installed a desiccant dehumidifier and controller for confined space and height safety specialists – Ash Safety – as part of a major upgrade in their chemical re-breather service area, to ensure that the humidity control consistently remains within the workable limits for MSA 30-100 and MSA Savox re-breathers.

The specialist service room used by Ash Safety to service their MSA units must be kept at a relative humidity consistently below 19%, in room temperature of around 18⁰C, due to the chemicals in the re-breathers. Previously, this was only maintained for limited periods, and fluctuated out of range as engineers entered or exited the room, significantly reducing the number of units that could be serviced in a day.

Following site visit and consultation, Humidity Solutions’ dehumidification specialist, Lindsey Henderson, recommended the Cotes All-Round C30 desiccant dehumidifier with a DA 20 Controller to adjust the set point.  Since installation, the system has held condition consistently below 15%rh at a temperature of 17⁰C and the customer is very happy as he can now service many more units each day, which in turn means better service to their customers.

Ash Safety commented “we now have a specialist industrial dehumidifier that takes into account the person working in the room and delivers humidity levels that are constantly within the working range.  It also looks pretty cool – no pun intended!”

Humidity Solutions design, install and maintain a comprehensive range of humidification and dehumidification systems of all capacities to suit a wide variety of industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

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