Improve your pump performance through re-commissioning 

One aspect within the Building Services arena that doesn’t get as much attention as it should, is on the topic of re-commissioning. This under focussed area can play a very important role in contributing to a buildings energy use and re-commissioning of any buildings’ central plant equipment –  such as the pumps – should really be undertaken every five years, or more frequently if there has been any change of use.

Routinely servicing sophisticated and complex mechanical equipment, which includes pump and pumping systems, is important, but is limited in its scope.  This is because as building usage changes over time, this can affect the overall configuration, use and of course the demand on pumps or pump systems.  Equally the overall pump operation building levels  will benefit from an overhaul where the opportunity to look at HVAC loads will lead to a better performance and improved comfort levels.

It is true to say that although all pumps will benefit from being re-commissioning, the following functionalities should be given priority: booster sets; pressurisation units; circulators and  long-coupled pumps.

Opting to have your pump equipment re-commissioned by the Grundfos Service team could significantly decrease your heating bills and carbon footprint and their expertise extends to many different pump manufacturers’ designs and a wide range of application types. Visit to learn more.

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