Improve Reliability of M2M and IoT Systems with Accurate Cellular Signal Strength Surveys using new SNYPER

Siretta, a leading British designer and manufacturer of wireless connectivity and test products, announces the SNYPER-LTE Graphyte cellular analyser.  The latest member of the SNYPER range of advanced cellular signal strength testers, the SNYPER-LTE Graphyte enables users to log cellular signal strength over long periods of time to determine the most suitable mobile network operators (MNOs) for a particular location where cellular equipment will be deployed.

The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte measures signal strength for 2G, 3G and LTE networks, either individually or simultaneously and does not require a SIM to carry out cellular surveys. Detailed and time-stamped logs of cellular signal strengths can be downloaded as required via the device’s built-in USB port for full analysis in standard spreadsheet or graphical HTML format. The multi-survey results (available in different languages) can then be broken down by base station, MNO and network level.

By improving decision making, the SNYPER-LTE Graphyte means users can act quickly, saving them time and money, and survey a greater number of sites faster than was previously possible. By ensuring the best MNO is chosen at each location, M2M systems are made more reliable, and expensive field visits to change SIMs are eliminated.




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