Improve Indoor Air Quality with Panasonic’s Advanced nanoe™ X Technology

  • The ideal solution for common springtime allergens
  • Inhibits certain allergens, bacteria, and viruses by up to 99.9%
  • Reduces odours in the room

Whilst allergens are present all year round, springtime is especially renowned for a significant increase affecting many more individuals than usual, with pollen sensitivity being the most common form of seasonal respiratory allergic disease in Europe[1]. Panasonic Heating and Cooling Solutions has created the ideal solution to help limit the side effects of springtime pollens by incorporating its innovative nanoe™ X Technology within its air conditioner ranges – optimally designed to restrict certain pollens and allergens, such as those most common in spring time.  In addition, nanoe™ X Technology inhibits certain bacteria and viruses by up to 99.9%.

Panasonic’s nanoe™ X works by generating hydroxyl radicals (OH) enveloped in a nano-particle of water for cleaner air. The effectiveness of virus/bacteria inhibition is due to a wide OH production area which can generate 4,800 billion, per second. OH oxidises organic particles and bacteria in the atmosphere, effectively inhibiting them from the air, making it safer to breathe. A higher concentration of OH radicals means that there is an even greater reduction in pollutants, for a fresher environment.

This advanced technology works even when the air conditioner is not in heating or cooling operation to remove pollen, pollution, fungi, viruses and even cigarette smoke from the air, for a cost-effective year-round solution. It also reduces odours in the room to limit the propagation of mould and bacteria. nanoe™ X is also small enough to penetrate clothing, which will also help to inhibit pollen, mould, and odours.

nanoe™ X comes as standard in Panasonic’s residential Etherea air conditioning range and the Floor Console units. The technology is also available in Panasonic’s commercial range, as an optional feature in the cassette 90:90 and will be incorporated in several indoor units during the year.

For more information on which solutions utilise the technology, and for its further benefits, please visit

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