Imagine the scene

Helvar’s Imagine Lighting Router is at the heart of a new lighting application centre at the Rexel Senate Eastern Region showroom in Brentwood, Essex. Along with a number of touchpanels and scene setting controls, the Router has helped the Rexel outlet to create a display feature that allows electricians, specifiers and developers to see exactly how the lighting products on offer can be used in a variety of different installation settings.
The Router’s automated control of low energy fluorescent, LED, low voltage and mains dimmable fittings has allowed the different areas of the lighting application centre to recreate various commercial, retail and residential environments – all helping to show Rexel Senate customers the importance and the flexibility of a well executed lighting control system.

Roza Shirazi, a lighting engineer with Rexel Senate explains the benefits brought by the Helvar installation: “To be able to demonstrate the full potential of lighting control systems required more than just a simple product display wall. Our customers want to be able to visualise the end result and see exactly the variety of atmospheres that can be created. Helvar’s Imagine Router, coupled with the smart touch panel controllers opened up the possibility to create all manner of real life settings.”

With over 3,000 dimming channels available and the possibility to create over 4,000 pre-programmed lighting scenes by 480 input devices, Helvar’s Imagine Router, the hub of the system, allows for a huge amount of flexibility. Complete with a 3.5 inch LCD touch screen, the lit environments can be controlled either centrally or locally, via a mixture of push button, rotary, or slider panel controllers.

The Router also facilitates the commissioning and future adjustment of the system to be provided over its TCP/IP connections, allowing wireless programming over a local PC network on site or remotely, via the internet – making adjustment simple and cost effective.

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