Illuminated thinking from Ex-Or

The addition of a web-based PC interface to MLS Digital, Ex-Or’s building-wide managed lighting system, offers users greater operational interactivity with the ability to monitor occupancy via a dynamic visual display.

Designed to deliver energy savings while enhancing the lit environment, MLS Digital operates via a network of communicating detectors which constantly monitor presence and levels of ambient light to provide zoned lighting tailored to the occupants’ needs.

Ex-Or has always made much of the fact that MLS Digital does not need a centralised computer and is therefore much simpler to install and more reliable in operation. No overall breakdown is possible and there is no fiddling about matching up pre-addressed components on a computerised master plan.

The new PC interface just increases the functionality of MLS Digital by providing additional tools for those who need them. The system is still commissioned using the hand-held programmer and its menu of programmable features. Settings are uploaded to detectors (or downloaded for checking) just by pointing and pressing. They can be changed again whenever required – without having to access a complicated computer programme or incurring expensive re-commissioning costs.

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