ICS judged a success

Standard Life’s highly energy efficient £18.8million development at Old Bailey, alongside the most famous courthouse in the country, has been equipped with a building management system designed and installed by Integrated Control Systems of Wokingham.

The project in the new eight-storey 9,000sq m building involved shell and core and fit out installations to Cat A standard and the design and construction of control panels to serve all primary plant and almost 200 fan coil units.

The ICS design was required to meet all energy efficiency criteria, including those associated with a curved central atrium rising from lower ground to 5th floors.

As the building was designed for multi-tenancy with zones to accommodate up to two tenants on each floor, the ICS design incorporated extensive metering of chilled and low temperature water, gas, and electricity via a LON interface to provide data for tenant billing.

BACNet  was used to provide the high level interface between the Swegan air handling units situated in the roof top plant room alongside two boilers, chillers  and all associated pumps and valves within the control of the ICS BMS.

Standard Life purchased 7–10 Old Bailey in 2007 and demolished the existing properties to make way for a development with on site low and zero carbon emission technologies, energy efficient air conditioning to PartL2A and lighting compliant with Lighting Guide LG7. All offices incorporated the recommendations of the British Council of Offices.

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