ICS integrates BMS

Wokingham based systems house Integrated Control Systems has successfully integrated a building management system (BMS) with the in-house bedroom booking system at the new Hilton Reading hotel in Southside, to ensure the building is one of the most carbon-neutral of all the company’s UK hotels.

ICS technical engineers worked closely with the Hilton team to meet a specification that called for the building management system to feature three levels of control for the fan coil units serving the 210 bedrooms: room unoccupied, when the units will be on standby mode, maintaining a minimum temperature of 15°C; room booked but unoccupied when the units will be at stage 2 levels of operation at 21°C; and room occupied, when fan coil units become fully operational and the guest has the opportunity to change the setpoint through a local Room Control Unit.

To fully meet all the requirements, ICS implemented a software driver created by Tridium for use in major international hotels enabling the building management system’s PC to receive signals from the hotel’s in-house OnQ bedroom booking system.

Following a guest’s check-in at the hotel reception desk, Hilton’s OnQ booking system forwards signals to the BMS PC, which activates the room’s intelligent controllers to start level 2 control, maintaining a room temperature of 21°. Once the guest inserts the key card into the wall-mounted card reader the controller changes to full operational mode, giving occupants the use of the wall-mounted controllers in the room to adjust temperatures up or down to suit.

The combined OnQ/ICS system recognises when a room has been booked by the same guest for more than one night and keeps the setpoint at the temperature set by the occupant for the duration of the visit rather than returning temperature settings to 21°C when the room is vacated after the first night’s stay.

The system is also programmed to accept housekeeper/maintenance override to enable staff to work in the rooms in temperatures greater than the 15°C standby level.

The building management system also monitors and controls plant serving the hotel’s 136 seat restaurant, bar, function and meeting rooms, reception and common areas and also a health club and leisure centre with 12.5m swimming pool. It also interfaces with the hotel’s security, CCTV and IT systems.

ICS’s Ray Dwight says: “We believe we are the only company that has successfully integrated a building management system with the OnQ booking system. Hilton gave us the Protocols and IT connection points, we then carried out an amount of technical engineering, installed a network card into the PC and it worked on site first time.

“We are now certified vendors of the product and look forward to the system making a substantial contribution towards achieving extremely high levels of energy efficiency at the hotel.”

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