HygroMatik leads the way

HygroMatik is launching its HDS system at RAC09 which is ideal for new and refurbishing existing airhandling systems, and offers the very latest in energy efficient and hygienic AHU humidification.

This adiabatic cold-water system enables a high humidification output to be achieved with very low energy consumption, as well as providing a free cooling effect. It guarantees high-performance humidification in winter, whilst during the summer mist evaporation cools the air, saving up to 1/3 cooling capacity.

Using hygienic de-mineralised water, HygroMatik’s extremely efficient stainless steel high-pressure (70 bar) nozzles atomise the water into fine droplets which are quickly and easily evaporated in an optimised air stream generated by HygroMatik’s innovative vortex modules. This effective mixing of water mist and air allows a short absorption distance of just 900mm to be achieved, thus reducing the total operational length of the Air Handling Unit (AHU).

The HygroMatik HDS system is the ideal energy saving and hygienic solution for environments that have high humidification requirements, such as offices, airports, shopping malls, breweries, production halls, printers and laboratories. The modular system is compatible with every duct crosssection, while its top-quality SPS control provides precise regulation of less than +/- 1%. It also has very low maintenance requirements due to the use of de-mineralised water which avoids calcium deposits and the use of high-grade components throughout.

Correct humidity levels play a major role in achieving internal room comfort conditions. A relative humidity (RH) of 50% at a temperature of 22ºC enables the occupants to feel warm, whereas an RH of 20% at 28ºC can sometimes leave the occupants feeling chilled. In addition, the correct level of humidity not only improves room comfort, but can also prevent dry skin, sore eyes and throats.

Stand Number E23

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