Hybrid heat pump chillers

Coolmation has introduced a breakthrough system for contractors and consultants with its new EXP series. Unlike ordinary heat pump chillers, the EXP series is a self-contained hybrid system capable of producing hot and chilled water simultaneously for commercial air-conditioning systems with delivery achieved through a 4-pipe system to provide significant savings on capital equipment, design, installation and energy costs.
Manufactured by Rhoss, one of Italy’s largest chiller and ac equipment manufacturers, the EXP series is available in a wide range of capacities, from 10kW up to 1000kW, with COP’s (Coefficient of Performance) as high as 6. By producing hot and chilled water simultaneously, the new range is especially suited to commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels and other buildings. In-between seasons or in efficiently insulated properties, modern air-conditioning systems in this type of building may typically be required to heat one area whilst cooling may be needed in another.
The EXP series can effectively meet these requirements, eliminating the need to install a separate boiler and chiller for these applications, with claimed running cost savings of up to 35%.

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