Hybrid heat exchanger

Developed to combine the thermal efficiency of a plate heat exchanger with the pressure and temperature resistance of a shell & tube unit, the new AlfaDisc all-welded exchanger is ideal for duties involving high pressures and temperatures such as steam heating and applications involving aggressive fluids.
AlfaDisc is designed for use with liquids, gases and two-phase mixtures at temperatures up to +538ºC (lowest temperature -195ºC) and pressures as high as 72 bar, making it ideal for applications involving steam heating duties and for use as an interchanger. It is a multi-pass unit, with a plate side and a shell side, which is capable of handling up to four passes on each side, with hot and cold media flowing through alternating channels in either co-current or true counter-current flow. This configuration increases the thermal efficiency of the AlfaDisc and enables close temperature approaches.

A feature of the design is that when only one side of the exchanger is subject to corrosive conditions, the two exchanger elements can be fabricated from different materials.

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