HVCA adopts code of practice

HVCA has signed up to a Code of Practice which has been developed by the Confederation of British Industry’s Trade Association Forum to promote best practice amongst its members, and so raise their overall quality and effectiveness.

According to TA Forum Chairman Andrew Large, the time is right for his organisation to take a more active role in benchmarking the activities of trade associations.

“The adoption of a Code of Practice should also demonstrate to Government, parliamentarians, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders that TA Forum members are prepared to set standards for the quality of their work – and be judged by them,” Mr Large insisted.

“The common goal is to enhance the credibility of the TA Forum and its members when seeking to influence policy in the UK, Europe and elsewhere.”

Commenting on the HVCA’s decision to sign up to the Code of Practice, Chief Executive Robert Higgs confirmed that the Association was a long-standing and enthusiastic member of the CBI – and of the TA Forum since its formation in 1997: “As the premier trade association representing mechanical services contractors, HVCA has been instrumental in raising and maintaining standards across construction and building services engineering.

“It is entirely appropriate, therefore, that it should be equally committed to the promotion of quality across the trade association sector itself.”

The TA Forum Code of Practice aims to set out the ethical and other standards which a modern trade association should apply to its operations, along with the nature of the services it should provide.

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