HVAC drive is easy to use

The new Honeywell HVAC Drive makes it easy to select and install an inverter for pumps and fans. Choosing the right model for any application is simple – just select the motor power. All Honeywell HVAC Drives are preconfigured, IP54 rated and have a Class C RFI filter, so can be used in every situation.

Based on its well-established Honeywell NXL inverter series, the Honeywell HVAC Drive is easy to install, either surface-mounted or in a panel, and can be set up in 30 seconds using its Start-Up Wizard. Modbus is built-in, and there are plug-in cards for all common open and proprietary buses.

Before launching the Honeywell HVAC Drive, Honeywell asked HVAC specifiers and installers what they wanted in an inverter – and now delivers them all. They wanted a versatile, robust and compact inverter, with preconfigured applications for fast setting up, that provides high quality at low cost. It should be easy to select and specify, with very few models for all HVAC applications up to 30KW, to simplify and reduce stockholding.

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