How REHAU is building its legacy

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Today, more than ever, businesses are focusing on the impact they leave behind. Thus was the aim of REHAU’s Build Your Legacy campaign, which encourages mechanical and electrical contractors to consider the legacy their product choice could leave behind.

The campaign was launched in late 2018 and explores four key ways in which REHAU work with mechanical and electrical contractors to deliver a positive legacy on a building’s performance in years to come through high quality and considered products. These four areas are; quality, technical know-how, trust and reliability and innovation and sustainability – and all demonstrate how REHAU is working to support the delivery of sustainable and future proofed installations.

Designed to arm contractors with information and tools enabling them to build their own legacy, the campaign has seen the release of four informative guides and the production of five videos alongside a wider integrated campaign, incorporating PR, digital marketing and performance marketing.

Central to the campaign were four themes, around which the guides were designed, these were the Acoustic Drainage Guide, the Pre-insulated Pipe & District Heating Guide, the 21st Century Heating & Plumbing Guide and the M&E Guide to Offsite Construction for Building Services.

Each of the guides shared REHAU expertise and technical know-how with contractors in an easy to digest format. The District Heating Guide saw REHAU challenge commonly held misconceptions and promote the benefits of using pre-insulated pipes in district heating systems. The key services provided in any building – commercial or domestic – and best practice was discussed in the 21st Century Heating & Plumbing Guide. The topic of acoustic drainage was explored in a third guide where REHAU shared their thoughts on how this will become more of a consideration going forward and the technical benefits of REHAU solutions. Lastly the Offsite Construction Guide delved into this growing concept and looked at how M&E contractors and building services engineers can be supported to help them negotiate offsite construction and get the best out of this way of working.

Supporting activity has taken place to promote the arrival of these guides, including in depth thought leadership pieces published in BSEE.

The campaign has been well received by all, and to date there have been around 300 downloads of the guides, an increase of 30% in traffic to the Building Solutions section of the REHAU website, and 37% of the total visits to the website has been direct.

The videos, which explored District Heating focused on multiple aspects of heat networks, including: design, the product range, UK production, sales support and stock availability. Each aspect has different benefits, but all improve the experience, both for the consultant and contractor.

In total the videos have been viewed in excess of 1,100 times and are still being accessed on a daily basis via YouTube and REHAU social channels.

Lastly the campaign has also been put forward for industry awards, currently pending shortlisting.

For more information on the campaign or to download the guides visit

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