Hoval’s ServeLine delivers low energy data centre cooling

imageHoval’s ServeLine system provides secure cooling for data centres with extremely high energy efficiency – avoiding the need for mechanical cooling for around 97% of overall operating time in accordance with ASHRAE TC9.9 (Data Center Networking Equipment – Issues and Best Practices).

The ServeLine concept uses three forms of cooling. The first stage is indirect free cooling with fresh air, supplemented with low energy adiabatic cooling when necessary. Mechanical cooling is only introduced when required to meet unusually high cooling loads.

Control is via the ServeNet control system, which records all relevant parameters, compares current efficiencies of the three cooling mechanisms and optimises their interaction. ServeNet can be fully integrated into the Datacentre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and supplies all information for Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) evaluation.

The modular configuration and compact design of ServeLine makes this a fully scalable solution for all sizes of data centre from 100m2 upwards.

Further information: www.hoval.co.uk

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