Hoval uses renewable sources

Hoval’s range of TopVent warm air heaters includes units that have been optimised for use with any hot water source, including condensing and conventional boilers, biomass, solar energy and heat pumps. The range also includes decentralised, gas-fired recirculation units and heating and ventilation units.

Developed specifically for use in large spaces such as factories, warehouses, exhibition halls, retail halls and sports arenas, all TopVent units feature the company’s patented Air-Injector air distributor. This uses automatically adjustable guide vanes to ensure the angle and flow rate of the warmed supply air is set precisely to achieve optimum warming without draughts. The system is so efficient that it allows a 25-30% reduction in air volumes to achieve the same heating, so that smaller plant can be installed to reduce capital costs.

Further savings are achieved through Hoval’s DigiNet control system, which optimises energy consumption by providing individual control of each TopVent unit, while providing the convenience of a centralised control system.

The TopVent range in the UK also includes a number of mounting options that have been introduced to suit the specific preferences of the local market.


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