Hoval teams up with Strawsons

Hoval and Strawsons Energy have joined forces to promote the use of wood pellet based biomass, particularly in the Midlands region.
Newark-based Hoval is a well established manufacturer of boilers, including highly efficient wood-burning biomass boilers. Based at East Drayton in Nottinghamshire, Strawsons Energy is the world’s single largest grower of willow short rotation coppice (SRC). They produce Koolfuel; a carbon-neutral willow based pelletised fuel derived from sustainable willow short rotation coppice plantations.

Ian Dagley, Sales and Marketing Director with Hoval, commented: “We are experiencing a huge demand for biomass boilers as local authorities and other organisations seek to minimise their carbon footprint. Koolfuel is a high quality, sustainable fuel that is ideal for our biomass boilers so it makes sense for our two companies to work together in promoting biomass technologies”.

Koolfuel is produced using unique storage and processing technology developed exclusively by Renewable Energy Suppliers Ltd for Strawsons Energy. This ensures that users receive a uniform high energy product that delivers a consistent and predictable performance.

“The maximum environmental benefits of Koolfuel are achieved when the fuel is supplied locally, so that emissions associated with transportation are minimised,” explained Andy Oldridge of Strawsons Energy. “Hoval already has a strong customer base in the East Midlands and this is growing rapidly so we can ensure that users of their biomass boilers receive a high quality fuel from a local, sustainable source.”

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