Hoval is innovative

Hoval has manufactured a specially designed steam sterilising system for use with raw clinical waste for leading clinical waste management company Cliniserve. The sterilising system is believed to be the first of its kind, allowing clinical waste to be fully sterilised to the required environmental standards prior to shredding and disposal to landfill.

Installed at Cliniserve’s treatment and transfer facility in Somerset, the unit was designed to Cliniserve’s specification by Donland Engineering, working closely with Hoval.

In sterilising waste before shredding Cliniserve, in conjunction with Donland, has adopted an innovative approach that has significant health and safety benefits. The design required a particularly demanding specification that Hoval was able to meet, while also optimising energy consumption to help reduce Cliniserve’s carbon emissions.

The steriliser system comprises a 10m long, 1.8m internal diameter jacketed steam steriliser vessel, supplied with steam from a Hoval THD-U three-pass wet back steam boiler with a rated output of 3000kg/hr at a saturated steam pressure of 7.0 Barg. The boiler has an operating efficiency of 90%. The vessel and steam boiler were manufactured, packaged and tested at Hoval’s Lincolnshire factory before delivery to site – where all that was required was connection to services.


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