Hoval heats Tower Bridge

The success of a boiler upgrade project at Tower Bridge relied heavily on close collaboration within the project team and Hoval’s end-to-end service delivery.

The ageing boilers at Tower Bridge were struggling to meet space heating and domestic hot water requirements, so a decision was taken to upgrade them. The work coincided with the conversion of a 9m high exhibition space, with the addition of a mezzanine to create two new spaces.

The design was carried out by consulting engineers Brinson Staniland Partnership (BSP) and the new boilers, along with associated upgrade works, were installed by contractors T Brown Group. Hoval engineers worked closely with both parties in meeting a number of key challenges, ranging from providing design support to constructing the boilers in-situ because of access issues.

“Not least of these challenges was access to the boiler houses through narrow walkways and corridors, steep stairwells, ship’s ladders and tight turnings,” recalled John Pearson of T Brown. “To overcome this, Hoval supplied the boilers in ‘complete knock-down’ (CKD) form, which were then assembled on site, fully welded and hydraulically tested by Hoval’s engineers, and then casings, burners and controls were fitted,” he added.

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