Hoval brings greater simplicity to sophisticated heating control

Hoval’s TopTronic® E is an entirely new system controller for Hoval boilers, calorifiers, heat pumps and other heat sources with the ability to control one or multiple conventional and low carbon heat sources with a single unit or in cascades with up to 8 units.

Designed from the ground up it delivers a completely new level of simplicity, modularity, connectivity and user experience without compromising on control functionality. As such, it eliminates the inconvenience and risk of trying to work with different controllers for different appliances and system configurations.

Featuring ‘plug and play’ modular hardware, TopTronic® E allows easy extension of an existing system with additional Hoval components (e.g. solar thermal panels or an additional water heater). It can also operate alongside the new TopTronic® Supervisor within a fully scalable system for the real-time visualisation, monitoring and optimisation of district heating networks.

For ease of remote monitoring and system optimisation, TopTronic® can be accessed via an integral internet connection through a simple computer interface that also informs the user when routine or reactive maintenance is required. It will also integrate with a building management system using ModBus or KNX interfaces and is ‘smart grid’ ready.

Further information: www.hoval.co.uk

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