Hoval adds to renewables

New ground-source and air-source heat pumps from Hoval are the latest Low or Zero Carbon (LZC) products in the company’s product range, joining the established biomass boilers and solar heating panels.
The range also includes control systems to enable these different renewable technologies to work with each other, and with conventional condensing boilers, to optimum effect. These controls address one of the main challenges in incorporating renewables in a project.

The new heat pump family includes Thermalia ground and groundwater source heat pumps with capacities from 5.4kW to 81.1kW and Genius air source heat pumps with capacities from 6.6kW to 34.4kW. Genius models are able to extract heat from the air at ambient temperatures as low as -15°C.

The recently launched Hoval SolKit solar heating system incorporates the company’s LowFlow technology, which adjusts to the climate to ensure the highest energy yields, even on the coldest days. LowFlow ensures a low mass flow rate of solar fluid, promoting high solar fluid temperatures leaving the solar collectors.

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