Hot water with savings

The benefits of providing employees with hot drinks at work are well reported however, what is less frequently focused on is the energy cost of providing these services. The energy consumed by constantly re-boiling the same kettle, or continually heating a tea urn, is more significant than most facilities managers are aware.
With a view to alleviating this issue, PHS Waterlogic has introduced a new range of Supreme electric water heaters. This range of wall-mounted water heaters will conserve energy, save valuable working hours and remove the health and safety concerns associated with kettles and old-fashioned tea-urns.

With Supreme’s Intelliboil Plus technology for the efficient management of the boiling cycle, energy loss can be reduced, minimising the environmental impact of providing hot drinks for staff. The boiling water drawn off is immediately replaced by cold water, and the output temperature is carefully controlled, preventing use of excess electricity. In addition, an in-built condensing chamber prevents steam escaping, conserving heat and reducing energy use.

As well as these features, the system can increase or reduce temperature according to demand.

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