Hospital M&E health matters

We are very aware that both hospitals and their staff, have been under considerable pressure in recent times. In fact the whole of the NHS hasn’t been out of the spotlight, as a result of the pivotal role they have been playing in fighting the pandemic, and rightly so.

At Grundfos Pumps we have been proud to play our role in supporting many hospitals up and down the country and delivering  a broad spectrum of pump demands for many decades. We are also aware that these hidden heroes are generally out of sight, both literally and figuratively. However, hospitals’ plant equipment has also been asked to go over and above their normal operation and stay in peak condition, especially as they are needed 24/7.
These pumps and pump systems perform a number of important tasks that include:  maintaining the complex HVAC demands, ensuring the delivery of sufficient clean water, as well as the removal of wastewater, delivering fire suppression demands, as well as many other ancillary functions.
We at Grundfos are pump specialists and  are here to help you keep pump equipment in peak health. For more information on maintaining your pump solutions in optimal operation, visit and find out how we can support hospitals as well as a wide range of other applications.

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