Hospital given a clean bill of health

When a 700+ bed hospital in the North West of the England wanted to assess the efficiency of their current pump set-up, they contacted Grundfos Pumps.  The recommendation was that Grundfos would undertake an Energy Check to establish their current pump set-up and look at the associated energy usage.

One of the benefits of undertaking an exercise like this with a pump specialist such as Grundfos is that after the check, a detailed report is produced.  This report demonstrates what kWh, CO2 and financial benefits, can be achieved, by improving the system efficiency through upgrading to newer or improved pump solutions.

This particular Energy Check showed that if a number of end suction and in-line pumps were exchanged for more efficient models, a huge saving of 429,645 kWh per year was indicated.

The outcome of this check saw Grundfos being asked to replace the highlighted inefficient pumps with various NB, MAGNA and TP pump models all of which combined variable speed drives and high efficiency motors.  This investment will result in an excellent ROI of just 1.5 years.

Hospitals, by their nature, must remain operational 24/7 and must be capable of meeting all the demands that are made of them.  This means having a reliable, effective and efficient pump system that will give them the assurance they need to maintain and deliver their heating, cooling, water supply and water boosting requirements and Grundfos have the knowledge, experience and product portfolio to deliver and maintain the best solution.

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