Honeywell is under pressure

Liverpool’s tallest building, the 40 storey West Tower, is fitted with Honeywell pressure regulating and safety valves to ensure constant ideal water pressures to all domestic water outlets and fire extinguishing systems, as well as to protect water systems from excessive pressure. The systems include a mixture of Honeywell brass-bodied and cast iron valves.

The Honeywell valves were selected by A&B Engineering MSD Ltd, a Liverpool based Building Services Company which designed and installed West Tower’s mechanical and electrical system for its developers, the Beetham Organisation.

West Tower provides a mixture of office space and luxury apartments. Its water systems are fed by booster sets located in the basement, to ensure satisfactory pressures on every floor of the 140m high tower. Honeywell high flow DR300 pressure regulating valves (PRVs) are installed after the booster sets to maintain 19 bar in the domestic supply mains and in the wet riser feeding the tower’s fire sprinkler system. The valves also drop the wet riser pressure to 9 bar for its car park sprinklers.

The wet riser is also protected by a Honeywell SV300 safety valve which relieves at 25 bar, discharging water into a concrete reservoir serving the wet riser, should the booster set malfunction.

The pressure to each floor is regulated initially to 6 bar by a Honeywell D06F compact PRV, installed in a plant room on each floor. Each apartment is served via an additional D06F valve which maintains 2.5 bar.

The Honeywell D06F is a compact WRAS approved brass-bodied PRV, available with built-in filters, optional pressure gauges and a range of connections from DN15 to DN50 (1/2 to 2 inch). The Honeywell DR300 PRV and SV300 safety valve are flanged, cast iron units controlled by the water flowing through them, via a pilot valve; they are available with connections from DN50 to DN450 (2 to 18 inch).

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