Honeywell goes wireless

The versatile wireless Honeywell CM900 slimline programmable thermostat can now be used to create energy-efficient heating zones easily and cost-effectively, by transmitting time/temperature signals directly to wireless receivers on radiator and underfloor heating valves. The stylish CM900 can also transmit wirelessly to a boiler controller where it eliminates the control cables in a conventional installation, which are time-consuming and obtrusive.
In its zone controller role, the CM900 transmits to Honeywell HR80UK wireless controllers on each radiator or underfloor heating valve in the zone. There is no need to fit a 2-port motorised valve for the zone, and no need to drain the system. It is ideal to add additional heating zones to a CM Zone wireless zone control system

In turn, the HR80UKs transmit demand signals wirelessly to a boiler controller, so providing a Multi Point Boiler Interlock. This optimises boiler firing to save energy and reduce boiler wear. Up to four wireless CM900s can operate with the same boiler controller, which greatly simplifies addition of zones.

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