Honeywell acquires Activeye

Honeywell has announced the acquisition of ActivEye Inc of Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., a provider of video analytics software and technology for security and surveillance applications. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
“Video analytics is an area of intense interest today and ActivEye’s technology is very impressive,” said John Lorenty, President of the Honeywell Systems Group. “We look forward to working with ActivEye’s existing customers, and introducing the software to many new customers by integrating it with current Honeywell products, and an array of new digital solutions and products to come.”

Video analytics software reviews vast amounts of raw video in real-time, using rules-based object detection, classification and tracking to distinguish suspicious activity from normal activity – and generating alerts that focus on customer-specified important events. By making it possible to concentrate on meaningful activity, video analytics improves safety and security, as it enables better decision-making and a faster reaction to events. It can also improve productivity by facilitating the indexing, searching and rapid retrieval of stored video. The technology is important in numerous applications, including retail, education, financial, gaming, traffic, and government, and it can also be used to analyse retailing merchandising strategies and perform market research.

The range of ActivEye video analytics solutions includes: Active Alert, a suite of products for manned and unmanned video surveillance systems, which uses video content analysis software and forensic tools to provide real-time alarms based on actionable events and behaviours; ActiveEye Smart Impressions, which analyses individual customer and vehicular activity, and traffic patterns for facilities management and merchandising applications and ActiveEye Forensics, which enables the rapid review and filtering of pre-recorded video up to 50 indexed parameters.

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