Hochiki extends offering

Hochiki has extended its FIRElink high-sensitivity smoke detection offering with the introduction of FIRElink-Nano.  In common with other models in the range, it incorporates advanced semiconductor laser and electronics technology into a package that shows substantial savings in whole-life cost when compared with other systems on the market.  Its introduction is expected to further expand the applications for the FIRElink range that includes smaller non-compartmentalised rooms; warehouses with racking; and electronic and electromechanical equipment. 

The new FIRElink-Nano is a single-pipe system with a sampling pipe length for still air of 50 metres, with either two, six or ten sampling holes, depending on whether the fire risk is Class A, Class B or Class C.  It comes as an extremely compact, low cost and easy to install package that uses what is called Perceptive Artificial Intelligence.  This ensures that it operates constantly at optimum sensitivity for the particular protected environment, without having to resort to complicated and expensive setting up.  The system configures itself to provide the high sensitivity required for a clean environment, such as a computer suite, or the reduced sensitivity that is appropriate to a smoky or polluted atmosphere.


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