Hiline makes history

With advances in the energy efficiency of water heaters and boilers, it comes as no real surprise that more and more contractors are turning to energy efficient systems to convey hot water. CPV’s Hiline is one such system. A pre-insulated pipework system, Hiline provides a safe and efficient method of transporting media, whilst minimising heat loss or gain.
For a structure with a history approaching 1,000 years, it seems apt that Canterbury Cathedral replaced its underground heating pipework with such a system designed for long-term reliability. The Hiline installed, with a polypropylene inner service pipe, will never suffer the same fate as the 12-year old, steel pipes it replaced.

The existing underground steel pipework in the main heating system had corroded beyond repair, causing leaks along its length. This resulted in flooding in the underground boiler house that supplies heating to the cathedral and the library archives.

Clerk of Works for the cathedral Peter Long explained: “The pipes appeared to have rotted along the bottom, within the lagging, so that the developing problem was not easily detected”. On the recommendation of surveyors, CPV engineers were invited to visit the site and demonstrate the Hiline system, which can, if required, also be fitted with a leak detection system. As a result it was decided to replace the steel pipes with Hiline pre-insulated polypropylene pipes, thereby eliminating the possibility of any future corrosion.

Hiline pipes are pre-insulated at the factory prior to being delivered to site. CFC-free, rigid polyurethane foam is used for the insulation, which is securely bonded to the metal or plastic service pipe during manufacturing. A very strong impact resistant outer layer of high-density polyethylene protects the insulation externally. This casing ensures that the insulation remains intact and effective, making Hiline suitable for both over and underground installations, whatever material is chosen for the internal service pipe.

“This was our first use of Hiline and we found it very easy to install. As a result it was a very successful project.” Peter Long added “It looks to be an excellent job with the pipes already working well at full pressure.”

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