Higher visibility CLICK Mode

The popular CLICK MODE wiring accessory range from CLICK Scolmore has now been extended to include a sub range of anthracite grey finished accessories with lighter coloured rockers for higher visibility in line with the requirements of Part M1 of the Building Regulations. The MODE M range also includes suitable pull-cord switches for improved accessibility.

An important element of Part M1 is the need to assist visually impaired people in identifying switches and other accessories against their surroundings. The new MODE M anthracite grey finish provides effective visual contrast against the high reflective decors used in many modern buildings, while the lighter coloured rockers are also an aid to visibility.

As well as the new MODE M anthracite grey accessories the CLICK range offers a wide range of colours and finishes to either complement or contrast with the surrounding décor, depending on requirements.

The new additions to the MODE range are supported by the CLICK Part M brochure, which offers a wide range of solutions to issues raised by sections 4.25 to 4.29 of Part M1.


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