High technology from Thorn

Thorn’s suspended Planor upgrade uses upcoming technology, the MicroPrism optic, to guarantee lighting quality.

The sleek indirect/direct fluorescent pendant combines T5-16mm lamp technology and a micro prismatic lighting technique that regulates the light through pyramidal prisms and a newly developed surface. This gives 30% more light than its predecessor, while reducing glare and concealing the lamps from direct view. Elegant and technically sophisticated it solves one of those eternal problems – how to give even, yet user friendly lighting over an entire desk surface.

Intelligent MiniSensa and digital dimming versions deliver light only when it is needed for optimal energy usage. As a result Planor MPT not only provides pleasant illumination, but energy efficiencies according to current regulations.

The minimalist design of the flat silver-grey frame (only 35mm thick) evokes association to the flat screen panel displays of the future, while the use of aluminium and recyclable plastics ensures long life, low maintenance and minimal environmental impact. This makes the Planor MPT series the perfect solution for tomorrow’s office and school environments.


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