High pressure spray humidifier

JS Humidifiers is launching the new JetSpray HP, a high pressure spray humidifier. The JetSpray HP is a low energy in-duct humidifier that runs on 135 times less energy than standard electric steam humidifiers and 15 times less energy than compressed air and water spray systems.

As well as providing a low energy humidification solution, the JetSpray HP provides evaporative cooling of up to 12oC. It can be used to cool and humidify supply air as well as being combined with a heat recovery system to cool exhaust air. The heat recovery system returns the cool thermal energy from the humidified exhaust air to the incoming supply air, thus pre-cooling it and reducing the load on chillers.

The JetSpray HP comprises of a number of stainless steel nozzles mounted in a moulded plastic turbulator bank. Water is supplied to the nozzles at between 15-70bar producing a very fine mist as it is released under pressure. The nozzles in the turbulator bank are positioned inside the duct facing a fibrous droplet separator 90cm downstream.


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