High performance from Daikin

Daikin Europe N.V has introduced a new R-407C operated UAT(Y)P series of high performance, low energy consumption packaged roof top air conditioning units designed for applications in supermarkets, warehouse, factories, hotel lobbies, cinemas and restaurants etc.
The series comprises both heat pump and cooling only versions, each with 10 models, with capacities of 16.7 to 109.6kW (heat pump) and 17.3 to 121.6kW (cooling only) and operating temperature ranges of 200C to 460C in cooling mode and -150C to 200C in heating mode.

UAT(Y)P units are built around ultra high efficiency scroll compressors, optimised heat exchangers and high performance belt driven fans, which allow the adjustment of air volume and static pressure as required.

Installation is straightforward and rapid as a result of the system’s air conditioning plug and play single unit concept. Furthermore, no additional site pipework is necessary as both indoor and outdoor sides are pre-connected. Units can also be reconfigured during installation to enable inlet and air discharge directions to be changed from horizontal (standard) to vertical simply by repositioning the fan assembly. Flat top design meanwhile, allows maximum utilisation of warehouse and container space.

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