High intensity LEDs transform the test lamp

mtl10-action-shot-bwNow available from Martindale Electric – leaders in electrical safety – is the latest generation of Drummond test lamps using high intensity LEDs for live voltage indication. The use of high intensity LEDs has transformed the test lamp, enabling the display of discrete voltages levels over a 360 degree viewing angle, even in bright sunlight and for the most difficult of applications. The visibility from all angles is unique when compared to conventional two pole testers and with no batteries or ranges to worry about, it’s the simplest and safest way to prove dead when carrying out safe isolation procedures.

Featuring four distinctive bands of LED illumination, the MTL10 and MTL20 test lamps provide safe and clear indication for voltages above 50, 100, 200 and 400 volts. Gone are the days of using lamp brightness to determine the voltage. The discrete voltage levels allow accurate identification of potentially lethal voltages and enable electrical professionals to distinguish between 110V, 230V and phase to phase voltages in a 3 phase system.

Designed to optimise user safety, the innovative new range of test lamps from Martindale Electric feature a finger shield to minimise the risk of accidental contact with a live conductor and insulated probe tips, with only 4mm of exposed metal.  For difficult applications where access is limited, the detachable probes can be replaced with right angled or straight probes from 3cm to 13cm long, which can be rotated and locked in place, enabling easy access to measurement points in crowded cabinets.

For troubleshooting demanding applications, for example, when live voltage indications appear to be present after isolating a circuit, the MTL20 also features a dual impedance functionality, which can enable electrical professionals to get to the bottom of the problem quickly and safely.

Featuring all of the same benefits as the MTL10, the MTL20 incorporates two test buttons, one on the body of the unit and one on the probe.  Simultaneous depression of both switches presents a low impedance to the circuit under test, enabling the test lamp to draw a high current and dissipate phantom voltages, making it easy to differentiate between phantom voltages, due to capacitive coupling and true hazardous voltages.

The latest range of Drummond test lamps from Martindale Electric feature exceptional build quality and conform to the latest safety standards referenced in HSE GS38 (2015) including BS EN61243-3, which came into force in 2013.  Both models feature a 600V CAT IV safety rating in accordance with BS-EN 61010-1, making them suitable for higher category supply side applications.

Suitable for use in bright sunlight and ideal for measurements where access is restricted, Drummond test lamps are the perfect solution for proving dead and ensuring compliance with the Electricity at Work Regulations for implementing safe working practices.

Available to purchase separately, or as part of a kit, the MTL10PD and MTL20PD include a proving unit and a combination carry case to ensure that electrical professionals always have their proving unit to hand before and after testing for live voltages.

Widely specified by electricity utilities and other safety conscious organisations, the MTL10 and MTL20 come with a 2 year warranty.

For more information, please visit www.martindale-electric.co.uk

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