High efficiency water softener

Culligan UK Ltd, a leading provider of advanced water treatment solutions, has introduced its innovative High Efficiency (HE) Water Softener.

The HE Softener forms part of the Culligan Matrix Solutions range, which provides greater flexibility and cost savings to commercial and industrial users.

Culligan’s HE Water Softener offers users many advanced features and options based on their particular water usage and quality requirements. Its unique design addresses the most common user concerns such as operating, labour and maintenance costs, as well as the impact of poor water quality on operational efficiency and customer service levels.

“Selecting the correct pre-treatment solution is the first step users can take to reduce scale, extend the life of their equipment and reduce maintenance costs,” said Mark Savill, Culligan General Manager. “The Culligan HE Softener can help users achieve accelerated return on investment and improved operational efficiency.”

Additionally, the Culligan HE Water Softener also addresses common ease-of-use challenges. Its remote display can be placed up to 60 metres away from the softener, making it easy to monitor and control the system.


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