High efficiency heat pump

Pioneering Daikin VRV climate control technology for commercial buildings is extended with the introduction of new and upgraded VRVIII models with higher COP/EER ratings for both heat pump and heat recovery ranges.

Efficiency has been increased in the heat pump range with a redesigned small footprint 8 HP model with a COP of 4.50 (+5,4%) and EER of 4.29 (+6.5%) and the addition of a high COP 12 HP model with a COP of 4.37 (+10%) and an EER of 3.89(+12%). Combinations of existing small footprint models and the upgraded 8 HP model offer improved energy efficiencies in a variety of configurations, whilst overall efficiency throughout the high COP range also benefits from the inclusion where possible of the new 12 HP high COP model.

The extended VRV heat recovery range also benefits from the high COP upgrade and returns the best efficiencies currently available on the market. This is the first time that Daikin has introduced a high COP heat recovery range alongside a small footprint modular range.

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