High efficiency gas-fired Water Heaters for commercial/industrial applications

Direct gas-fired water heaters are widely accepted as an energy efficient method of providing hot water for commercial and industrial buildings. Their design is based upon the principles of low storage capacity but fast hot water recovery.

They represent an excellent option for buildings where high volumes of hot water are required at peak demand periods, including:

  • Hotels
  • Leisure centres
  • Restaurants
  • Care homes

As the need for fuel efficiency and lower emissions has grown over the years, condensing technology is now utilised in almost all of our direct gas-fired water heater products. We have no fewer than nine different ranges comprising a total of 48 models, including:

  • Storage-or circulating-type
  • Floor standing or wall hung
  • Several models with stainless steel heat exchangers or storage vessels
  • Hybrid water heaters designed to work with solar thermal installations


Spoilt for choice?

Our knowledgeable area sales team will be glad to help you choose the most appropriate solution for your projectshttps://lochinvar.ltd.uk/contact/sales-team/

Alternatively, our SELECT direct gas-fired water heater programme is designed to help


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