High efficiency for Al Jamarat

Fläkt Woods has won a contract in Saudi Arabia to supply ventilation fans on a road and passenger bridge in Mina, which is used by pilgrims to throw stones where Muslims believe the devil appeared to Abraham.

This is a significant order and brings the total amount of Fläkt Woods JM Axijet jet fans supplied to the Emirate to almost €1 million. The contract includes over 150 fans of one metre diameter that are capable of withstanding temperature of 400o C for two hours.

The JM Axijet jet fan range is designed for high efficiency and thrust, and low noise levels, giving equal airflow and thrust in each direction, for ventilation as well as removal of pollution and smoke.

The bridge is being widened from 40 m to 80 m and its ramp from 20m to 40m. Two additional 20m ramps are being added under phase 1 for a total cost of €22 million. The scheme is being implemented in four phases and will help nearly four million pilgrims perform the ritual of stoning the devil in one day.

Under a second stage, the bridge will rise to a 10-floor level and will accommodate five million pebble-throwers per day. It will also have three tunnels and structures and will carry the possibility of more development in the future.

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