High efficiency air handling

Vent-Axia’s new range, the eViking Air Handling units, sets a new standard for equipment efficiency in HVAC applications. The range features significant performance improvements, providing greater reliability alongside a reduced carbon footprint thanks to the integration of energy saving heat recovery technology and high efficiency fans into its design.

Due to its impressive design, the eViking has achieved an A+ energy class efficiency rating and its features include highly efficient fans, motor effectiveness Eff1 (IE2) and impressive heat recovery. The heat recovery can be used as needed; even above 80%, and is designed for maximum efficiency at minimum pressure loss. 

Vent-Axia’s eViking units can be tailored to suit different locations, sizes and applications with outputs ranging from 3.47m³/s to 16.13m³/s. As an example, at the commonly used velocity of 3m/s, an air-handling unit with a section area of 7×6 will provide an airflow output of 12.11m³/s.

This range features a unique panel construction which offers strength, air tightness and incorporates a low density insulation to offer excellent performance without using aluminium frames.


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