Hi-tech composite products for hi-tech computer facilities

Fibrelite’s composite access covers prove perfect for data centres


Fibrelite 1The rapid growth of content-heavy mobile applications and cloud-computing means that the demand for efficient and secure computer hardware to store data is growing exponentially every year.

As a result, dedicated data centres to house the legions of networked computers required to keep this online world turning are being built in almost every corner of the world.  And Fibrelite composite covers are in the midst of this hi-tech building boom.

Data Centre Requirements – Easy Access at all Times

David Holmes, Technical Director at Fibrelite, explained:  “Cloud storage facilities require miles and miles of fibre-optic cabling which is installed in protective but readily-accessible concrete trenches so that impaired sections can be swiftly replaced – or more cables added, as storage companies are incorporating extension plans into their new-builds.

“Then, in order to maintain optimum hardware performance, each server room requires additional electrical power and battery backup systems to operate its vital environmental and mechanical controls such as continuous cooling, fire and security alarms.  These too require their own cabling in their own identifiable, readily-accessible trench.

“So taking all this into account, it’s no surprise that designers are specifying from the outset lightweight composite trench covers which can be quickly and easily removed by hand.”

Fit-and-Forget – The Maintenance-Free Solution

Fibrelite - photo 6Fibrelite composite covers are available in a range of sizes and load ratings. Designed to be a “fit-and-forget” product, they are maintenance-free, lightweight, durable and very strong as a matter of course.

Custom Sizes Available

Custom-made trench covering solutions are available on request which means that dimensions, internal stiffeners and fibre-architecture can be altered to optimize the performance of each panel based on project-specific design criteria.

Coloured Covers for Easy Identification

Fibrelite composite covers can also be moulded in virtually any colour or colour-combination and as the pigment is added into the resin during manufacture, there are no problems with the colour scratching or fading over time.  This means that covers can incorporate logos and/or be colour-coded to match a facility’s branding or even to identify the specific underground service that can be accessed via a particular cover.

About Fibrelite

Founded on a tradition of quality and innovation, Fibrelite has been at the forefront of composite technology since 1980. The first ever composite manhole cover was designed by Fibrelite for petrol stations, to eliminate health and safety issues associated with traditional metal covers. Today, Fibrelite is established as a leading world player in its specialist field, with a global reputation for high quality products.

To find out more about how composite access covers can resolve specific onsite problems please visit http://ow.ly/IAQc0

For more information:  www.fibrelite.com

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