Helvar fine-tunes lighting with Light over Time®

Helvar is delighted to present its latest development in lighting control software, Light over Time®. Light over Time® is the most recent innovation in Helvar’s Human Centric Lighting range called Intelligent Colour or iC. The feature enables lighting designers, specifiers and end users to graphically visualise the lighting profile for their environment resulting in a more engaging design and end user experience.

“We are really excited to bring Light over Time® to the market,” says Thet Oo, Product Manager at Helvar. “Human-Centric Lighting is getting much more prominent. We believe that by enabling the creation and implementation of customisable lighting profiles in tune with people’s circadian rhythm, will provide a real benefit.  Dynamic tuneable white solutions like Helvar’s Light over Time® provide a great opportunity to aid with people’s wellbeing.”

The profiles that are created in the Light over Time® software are presented graphically, making it straightforward for lighting designers and specifiers to visualise the lit effect of the different profiles and to adjust them to ensure that they meet the necessary specifications. Light over Time® offers complete flexibility in how the lighting is programmed. For example, in an office environment the lighting designer may want to keep the lighting cool in the morning and early afternoon with an interval of warm light in the middle of the day so that staff feel more comfortable while taking a lunch break. With Light over Time® this can be achieved simply and effectively using the intuitive graphical interface to create the lighting profile.

The programming flexibility of Light over Time® makes it suitable for a range of applications including commercial offices, healthcare facilities and educational institutions, where light can have a significant impact on occupants’ concentration, wellbeing and alertness. Light over Time® has already been specified by Speirs + Major at the Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners office in the Leadenhall Building to add a level of wellbeing in an environment where the team often worked long hours. Users can even select different profiles to operate at the same time in different areas, so that each space receives the appropriate lighting.

A number of different profiles can be set so that users can select the most appropriate lighting conditions for the time of year or weather, and profiles can also be customised by Helvar’s trained engineers if necessary. Light over Time® integrates seamlessly with presence detection and daylight harvesting sensors, ensuring that light is only delivered to where it needs to be and saving energy through the elimination of unnecessary lighting.


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