Help to shrink carbon footprints

A major new initiative, including a new business carbon footprint calculator, has been launched by the Carbon Trust to help businesses shrink their carbon footprints and save millions this winter.
Potential savings of over 2.7 million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to Liverpool’s total annual emissions, with related energy savings of almost £350 million could be realised through free and low cost energy saving actions. The initiative follows the Climate Change Bill announcement which will set the UK a target of a minimum 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 as legally binding for the first time.
Businesses are being called on to take advantage of a new package of carbon footprint resources developed by the Carbon Trust, to help them to understand what a carbon footprint is, how to calculate it and importantly how to reduce it.
The Carbon Trust’s new business carbon footprint calculator enables businesses to quickly quantify their key carbon impacts and understand where action might be required to reduce emissions. It introduces common footprinting concepts in line with widely accepted reporting approaches such as the Green House Gas (GHG) Protocol.
The tool uses a series of screening questions to ascertain likely corporate emissions. Based on these questions the user can enter details of their energy usage and other potential emissions sources, including fuel usage, vehicle usage, electricity bill data and employee travel.
Businesses can also apply online for a free Carbon Survey, where an expert consultant will carry out an on-site visit and help measure their carbon footprint and identify ways to reduce it.  The methodology is intended for use with organisations that are seeking a basic understanding of their carbon footprint.
The Carbon Trust is also running a series of free interactive workshops across the UK which businesses can attend to get an understanding of what is involved in the measurement of their carbon footprint and what specific steps can be taken to reduce it.

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