CAREL extends is range of control solutions for high-efficiency condensing units with DC inverter technology

CAREL, a multinational specialising in control solutions for air-conditioning, refrigeration and air humidification, presented at Euroshop its extended offering of control solutions for high-efficiency CO2 condensing units.

Hecu sistema manages two compressor lines, typical of traditional transcritical CO2 booster systems, thus meeting the needs of low temperature applications while ensuring the same high efficiency guaranteed by DC inverter technology. It also opens the way for potential new applications that will further spread the use of systems with natural refrigerants only.


Energy saving and sustainable technology

The innovative DC inverter technology adopted simplifies condensing unit construction, even when operating on CO2, meaning improved energy efficiency as well as a compact design and noise reduction. Hecu manages wide variations in cooling capacity with an economically-sustainable solution. Hecu sistema for CO2 retains all of the solution’s distinctive features, providing advanced real-time optimisation procedures.


Reliability and food preservation

The Hecu version for CO2 refrigerant also minimises the typical condensing unit start/stop cycles of ON-OFF or step systems, ensuring better unit operation through continuous control of cooling capacity and integrated prevention logic.

Together with the use of proportional electronic expansion valves on the showcases and in the cold rooms, this means refrigeration unit temperature control is much more stable and precise, in turn ensuring better food preservation quality and less waste.

Always connected: higher quality and lower management costs

The Hecu solution is compatible with and integrated into the CAREL supervision and monitoring solutions, allowing complete remote access to the system. All the system parameters can thus be acquired and processed, and data analytics tools then used to check and optimise operation. As a result, system malfunctions can be prevented by planning maintenance operations, guaranteeing high service levels at all times. In the same way, energy consumption, food preservation and maintenance quality data can be measured and compared against data from other stores, so as to determine, measure and improve a series of KPIs.


For further information on CAREL’s solutions, go to http://carel.com/ or follow us on Twitter @CAREL_group


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