Heavy Metal

With the new press systems “Heavy Steel Press” and “Heavy Steel Press Gas”, thick-walled steel pipes can be pressed in a time-saving way instead of being welded. The piping systems are suitable for heating, gases, cooling and industrial applications, to name but a few.

Time savings of up to 60 % even for those not into Heavy Metal and less additional work compared to welding are good arguments for using the new press systems.

Speaking of savings – additional safety through a special design (the sealing ring has a 200 % larger surface area than usual) can save you nerves as well. The larger contact area means that optimal tightness of the conection is ensured even if there are remaining surface imperfections on the pipes (within the tolerances of EN 10217 / EN 10255).

Overall, the robust and solid design of the zinc-nickel coated fittings in tandem with the time-proven thick-walled steel pipes leads to a long-lasting piping system and a high degree of reliability.

SANHA currently offers dimensions from ½ to 2 inches for thick-walled pipes according to EN 10220 or 10255. The operating temperature ranges from -30 to +120 °C or 20 to +80 °C for the gas version.

Give us a call today at 01628 819245 or visit www.sanha.co.ukand learn more!And if you prefer to spend the time saved on YouTube rather than reading, we recommend you head over there now for a special treat: https://youtu.be/yuqAlS2y6dM.

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