Heavy duty from Kalika

Kalika Communications has launched Geronimo, the first in a new generation of intelligent, vandal resistant, IP65 weatherproof, heavy duty telephones. Remaining fully functional even in hostile or remote locations the Geronimo has been designed to give service providers complete peace of mind that their telephone service will continue uninterrupted.
Strong, weatherproof, mark resistant and easy to clean makes it ideal for any unsupervised public area, reception, workshop or office and its extruded aluminium case makes it a stylish asset for any image conscious company.

The Geronimo is available in both analogue, for connecting to public telephone or standard PBX exchanges, and SIP configuration, which takes full advantage of VoIP, so calls can be free, even when the handset is sited in a remote location.

Each unit can be configured for a variety of operations. The single number autodial hotline directs the user to a dedicated operator, whilst the four button option gives a choice of four pre-programmed destinations. If users need to dial a range of numbers, a normal functional 12 button keypad option is also available.

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