HeatPacs from HeatKing

HeatKing have just introduced a range of packages aimed at providing it’s customers with the option of buying a complete system and solution for Air Source Heat Pump installations. The packages, called HeatPacs, include all the major “capital” items of plant the installer requires, leaving him to obtain only the distribution side of the system.

The HeatPac comes complete with wiring diagrams making the system virtually plug and play. HeatKing hope this offering will help their approved installer base offer a total package without having to worry about the compatibility of all the different components that go to make up a successful installation.

The components included in the HeatPacs are identified in the Figure 1 and include:-

  • BWarm HeatKing Heat Pump
  • WRAS certified Tank in Tank Cylinder
  • Advanced Heating Controller
  • Twin Channel Programmer
  • Room Thermostat
  • Outside Detector
  • Automatic by pass valves
  • Motorised Valves
  • Immersion heater
  • Cylinder Control Unit
  • and more…….

The tank in tank cylinder, which is WRAS certified, is manufactured to the highest standards by one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of cylinders. A option of a solar panel coil is also available within this cylinder enabling the combination of renewable technologies.

An advanced controller that will chose, from up to four heat sources, the most cost or carbon effective, heat source for the circumstances at any point in time. The controller will also allow for the option of multiple heat pumps to be installed and will provide sequential and lead lag control as well as weather compensation. In addition, the control pack includes a twin channel programmer and room thermostat to give extra control of Heating and Domestic Hot Water.

The HeatPacs also help the installer or specifier ensure that the small details are also looked after, by including those small but very important components such as the Automatic by-pass valve, a MagnaClean filter, a rely box to allow the controller to switch on the electric immersion heater, outside temperature detector, motorised valves, two flexible hoses and more… 

According to John Lightfoot this new offering offers flexibility as well as prepared solutions “The HeatPacs can be purchased as a complete pre packaged solution or there is the possibility of the components being selected separately for the installer, specifier or client who wants to create their very own sophisticated system.”

For further information or to download a brochure visit www.heatking.co.uk/products/heating-solutions.

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