Heat pump range boosted with new models

Lochinvar’s heat pump offering has recently been expanded with the addition of the Amicus Boost range of water-source models. With heating capacity of up to 496Kw they are suitable for a wide variety of heating/hot water applications in commercial and industrial buildings.

The use of heat pumps to provide heating and hot water services is still relatively new, in commercial/industrial buildings at least, and one of the key benefits of the Amicus Boost range is the flexible ways in which it can be applied. They include the following:-


  • Heat recovery systems – Amicus Boost models have a temperature acceptance range of 10 to 35ºC and can turn reclaimed heat into high temperature hot water with a localised efficiency in excess of 500%
  • Hybrid systems– Amicus Boost heat pumps combined with high efficiency gas-fired water heaters or heating boilers can also provide an efficient and low carbon installation. Such as system also provides built-in stand-by and, in many cases, lower capital cost when compared to a stand-alone heat pump installation.
  • Combined heat pump installations– an integrated heat pump installation of Amicus LT and Boost heat pumps can be an attractive proposal for the supply of heating and/or hot water services for larger establishments. This option can also integrate with our Cavalier electric water heaters to provide an all-electric hot water solution with zero on-site emissions.


As a company, we have the expertise to assist with potential projects, whether they be at design or installation stage. If you have current projects, where you are considering heat pumps or if you are interested in general information, please contact your local Area Sales Manager or visit our website


Amicus HT and LT heat pumps

Amicus Boost heat pumps

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